41. Stop Forcing People to Care About You (Monday-Get-Up-And-Go Podcast)

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Episode 41

Kill that part of yourself that still wants to save someone after they’ve walked away while you were drowning.

Stop setting yourself on fire for people who will just sit there and watch you burn.

Don’t let that one person who doesn’t care about you live rent-free in your mind. They’ve taken enough. Re-claim your power by redirecting your focus to those around you who love you and care about you.

Your worth has nothing to do with how others treat you – how others treat you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

As soon as we realise those two things, it becomes easier to see the situation for what it is: a hurt person projecting their hurt onto us.

You’re a beautiful being with so much love and empathy in your heart. Honour that you care, honour that you put yourself out there.

Rejection doesn’t have to harden us; it can make us stronger, kinder, and quite frankly unstoppable.

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THE BUBBLY BIBI ♥By Nazia Keenoo, a self-love advocate and mental health activist based in Mauritius.

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