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In a society that’s impossibly obsessed with beauty and physical perfection, choose to take care of yourself and love yourself without limits. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone to feel worthy…You’re enough ❤️🔥

– The Bubbly Bibi

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46. You’re Deserving of Love (Daily Special)

You can also listen to this podcast on these streaming platforms! Episode 46 You’re deserving of love. On your good days, on your bad days, you deserve love. You’re worthy of love and compassion. You’re worthy of hugs when you struggle and high-fives when you accomplish. You deserve happiness. You deserve to be treated with respect.…

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About My Show 🥳

The Bubbly Bibi is a corner dedicated to boosting up your self-confidence and making you feel better about yourself! Through my articles, quotes, and podcasts, I’ll share some of the coolest secrets on how to love yourself…how to feel more confident in your skin and unleash your personal power! I’ll also share some of my personal experiences, struggles, and tips! So, wherever you are, whether you’re listening to my podcast in your car or reading my blogs and quotes during your lunch breaks, I hope you genuinely enjoy them and that at the end of the day, you’ll be a little bit kinder to yourself! Remember, if you don’t love and cherish yourself, who will? Thanks for joining me! 😘💕🙏

The Bubbly Bibi by Nazia Keenoo
By Nazia Keenoo 🔥
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Nazia Keenoo
Self-Love Advocate & Mental Health Activist
Based in Mauritius

“Don’t be afraid to fall in love with every damn inch of your body, mind, and soul” 🥰

— The Bubbly Bibi

We’re constantly being sold this idea of self-love – it is relayed to us on social media, in advertising, in the music we listen to and the shows we watch. The world is constantly telling us to “Just Love Yourself”, and thus when we don’t, or when it’s difficult, we feel frustrated or even guilty that we can’t, or don’t see ourselves as others see us.

This can be deeply upsetting…But the truth is that we have all been hurt and faced situations that have convinced us that we are hard to love, not to mention all the comparisons we have to face every single day. Indeed, we have, in some ways, drifted away from our own souls and hearts. But that’s nothing to worry about, darling! It’s a very human thing to struggle with.

If you’re looking for some tips to help you in your quest for self-love, check out this podcast which will hopefully inspire you to give yourself the love you so effortlessly give to others. Because you deserve it – you’ve always deserved it, honey! ❤️

You're enough just as you're!

“In a world that keeps convincing us to change ourselves to be loved, it has become more than important to reintroduce ourselves to our own souls again.”

The Bubbly Bibi

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