45. Free Yourself and Start Living the Life You Desire

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Episode 45

Do you care too much about what others think? Are you sometimes torn between what you really really want and what others want for you? Are you too afraid to be your authentic self or share your true thoughts? 🤔

From childhood, most of us start learning to live for our parents’ approval and those around us – our peers, teachers…well…society in general. This stems from our desire for love and to fit in. We seek acceptance and love from others (which is understandable considering that it is one of Maslow’s psychological needs).

As such, we start living for others and forget about ourselves completely. Living for others means setting your goals based on what others want for you and chasing what society considers success.

Living for others can also mean wanting to do things to impress others, please others or get more likes and followers. By constantly pleasing everyone else, you’re using yourself up, honey. You’re not really your authentic self, and you’re not doing what you genuinely want. You do things because you care about how you appear to others. 😔

But in the end, we have to learn to love ourselves and find in ourselves the validation, approval, trust and love we yearn for. Thus begins the journey of discovering internal validation over external validation. 😊

Living for yourself and not for others does not mean living a selfish life without considering or helping others. It means learning to put your needs first and making choices that align with your values; doing things because you want to, not because other people influence you. Living for yourself means living the life YOU REALLY want for yourself, regardless of other people’s opinions. It’s living a life you feel aligned with, a life you absolutely adore, and a life you are f*cking proud of. 😎

If you genuinely want to help others, then great. But don’t do it just because you feel obligated or pressured. 🙅 Understand that your life is in your hands. And if you give that power to someone else, you take away your own. 🧏

Listen to episode 45 to discover some inspiring steps to start living for yourself. 😍

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