30. “Feel Good” Tips To Kick-Start 2022

Episode 30

Without a shadow of a doubt, the world has a way of keeping us busy and rushing us through moments of accomplishment and good news. But with so much inevitable sadness and anguish that we are all bound to experience in our lives, it’s high time we take the time to appreciate and focus on those happiness-inducing magical moments.

Time to love yourself

Even I tended to let the little moments of joy slip by too quickly…But I have slowly learned to stick with my feelings in the good times to make sure they really matter. So now, more than ever, I’m constantly working to create space for more joy and happiness in everything I do.

I love me

What does it look like if we focus on good days as much as bad days? How can we create spaces for happiness in our adult lives and feel better? This January, it’s time to kick back and hone in on healthy habits that will allow you to thrive throughout this year and beyond.

Self Love Starts Now

To help you feel better in 2022 and truly bring joy into your life, this week’s podcast is about tips for pursuing, capturing and treasuring positive moments, whether in small or big ways.

Feeling Good

I hope you enjoy the first episode of this year’s podcast! Have a blessed and happy new year! ❤️

Believe in yourself

“Don’t forget to put some self-love into your new years resolutions because loving yourself more is the new year.”

The Bubbly Bibi
Happy New Year 2022 lovelies ♥

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