How to Power Past Your Insecurities: The Secrets to Loving Yourself (Part 1)

We all know this feeling of being constantly judged by everyone… It’s like, no matter how bright we want to shine, we always feel that somebody out there will just barge in and criticize our every move and mock us! It’s as if doubts and anxiety can’t let go of us…. and we keep wondering if we’re living up to everyone’s expectations!

But honey, you don’t have to feel this way because nobody is perfect and 100% confident! Believe it or not, everyone is full of flaws and insecurities… even Selena Gomez feels down on herself from time to time and is still probably figuring out how to stop being insecure. 

If your insecurities are overwhelming, try these simple steps to build up your confidence and shake off your anxieties without any doubt!

#1. Say NO to Negative Thoughts, It Will Work Miracles in Your Life

Is your mind always flooded with negative thoughts? If so, it’s high time to be like Simon Cowell in American’s Got Talent and say a big fat NO to pessimism! Stop belittling yourself and become your biggest cheerleader! By constantly being your worst critic, you’re only making it harder to feel as good as you should and accomplish the things you’ve been dreaming of. As soon as these negative thoughts creep in, flip over the script, and replace them with positive, supportive, and uplifting affirmations!

Instead of engaging in self-criticism and self-judgment, opt for a generous dose of self-compassion and self-love! There’s nothing wrong with being your own favourite person! Stand in front of the mirror, look straight in the eyes, admire the results, and do some self-praising! Keep telling yourself how wonderful and how sexy you are every single day!

Sexiness isn’t just about having a shapely figure or a sleek sense of style; it’s a fiery combination of brains, sass, smartness, and inner beauty… it’s about having a pretty personality, being genuine, and being confident! So, don’t be afraid to notice how strong and beautiful you are! 

Remember, if you don’t love and cherish yourself, who will?

-The Bubbly Bibi

Repeating these mantras will undoubtedly encourage your brain to embrace them, which in turn will empower you with confidence and strengthen your self-esteem!

#2. Strive for Progress Instead of Perfection

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People with insecure characters tend to chase perfection like a dog chasing its tail. What they don’t know is that it doesn’t exist. Perfectionism is human’s biggest enemy and will keep you cramped and insane your whole life! You’ll always live in fear of making a mistake and end up making the wrong decisions!

Impression photo « Message de chat et de miroir de tigre », par HazyNZ |  Redbubble

Letting perfectionism run the show is like being on a hamster wheel; you just keep going and going and going, even after reaching your original goal. You set the bar way too high for every single thing! And when you achieve something, you’re always worried and stressed if you could have done it better. 

Stop overworking yourself to exhaustion and make life easier on yourself by accepting “good enough”! Know your own worth and don’t feel the need to impress anyone or prove something all the time!

#3. Life’s Beautiful, Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!

Although you know you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, it’s often easier said than done. Comparison is the secret recipe for misery…the fast track to unhappiness! Nowadays, comparing ourselves to others has become so easy and can be done anywhere, anytime, even when we’re on our porcelain throne, dropping some logs (almost 75 % of the population uses their smartphones in the loo). And, as you know, our phones are full of social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where we’re bombarded with people living #blessed lives.

But what we don’t consider is that we often compare our worst moments with these famous people’s highlights. We focus only on their success, rather than on the hard work behind them. Instead of feeling miserable about others’ triumphs, let them be a doorway to opportunity and a source of inspiration for your future!

Stop wallowing in self-pity, and start watering your own grass, accept where you are, be grateful for what you have, and do a social media detox!

#4. I ♥ Me – Cut “Downers” Out of Your Life 

Get rid of anything and anyone that drags you down. If there are people out there who’re continually tearing you down, ditch them. Don’t let them be a part of your life. Letting negative people into your life only fuel up your problems. Your own company is enough!

Because You’re the Cherry on Top of the Whipped Cream

It’s no secret that we’re all wondering if we’re smart enough and whether people genuinely enjoy our company and like us. We’re all scared about our futures. But enough of not feeling good enough! It’s high time to rectify this feeling and bid farewell to self-doubt, a feeling that does nothing but brings you down all the time! It’s time to strengthen your self-esteem because you deserve to feel capable, confident, and accepted every day.

Everyone’s journey is different, and no one, I repeat, NO ONE, has the right to judge you because no one has been in your shoes or situation. Nobody knows what you’ve been or going through. Even the people forming opinions about you have their own set of problems and insecurities! These judgmental folks certainly don’t deserve your time, attention, and energy!

Of course, confidence ain’t something we’re all born with! It can take a while to power past all these insecurities and be able to take control of our lives! But we can all feel a lot better and learn to love each other. All it takes is learning how to do it the right way! So, why wait another day? Apply these steps today and live a brighter life!

Stay tuned for the second part!

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