10. The Art of Being Kind to Yourself

Episode 10

What does kindness mean to you? Giving a homeless person a dollar? Letting your partner have the last bite of cheesecake? Showing up at your best friend’s apartment armed with saltine crackers, chicken soup, and a week’s worth of their favourite rom-coms when they are quarantined with a stomach bug?


I associated kindness with all the above. It wasn’t until I stopped and became aware of my thoughts that I realized that all of those circumstances focus on being kind to others, and not myself.

In a society that deems selflessness as the ultimate form of kindness, we often allow our personal well-being to suffer in order to put others needs before our own. But in reality, taking care of ourselves is being responsible, not selfish.

Practising self-kindness is an essential expression of self-love, one that is so often overlooked or even forgotten entirely. Allowing kindness to cultivate within ourselves will also allow us to easily and genuinely extend this kindness out to others. ❤️

Be Kind To Yourself Kindness GIF - Be Kind To Yourself Kindness

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