23. Turn Your Failures Into Goals (Monday Get-Up-And-Go Podcast)

Episode 23

Failures are necessary for success in anything…they are learning opportunities that will propel you to the next stage. Instead of saying “I failed at my marriage”, you can say “I had trouble communicating in my marriage and am learning to communicate better now.” The first statement is anchored in the past that cannot be changed while the second has an eye to the future and is more empowering of what you can do now. So, switch your mindset from being a victim to a victor.

When you feel like a failure, you see yourself as a victim of the past instead of focusing on your resilience and ability to spring back. Try to leave the victim mindset behind and view yourself as a victor after overcoming failures to move on to something bigger and better.

Imagine yourself as a young child, full of innocence and beauty. Keep in mind there is no such thing as worthless or failing babies and children. We possess the same worth that we had when we were born.

Sometimes we need to look behind the scars and wounds to see that preciousness is still inside of us. No matter how much we fail, our worth remains the same and we are still beautiful.

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