32. Stand Up For Yourself Now 💪

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Episode 32

For many of us, standing up for ourselves doesn’t come naturally 😓 – in fact, it can even seem like a no-go. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like to “rock the boat” and swallow any opposing feelings or thoughts to avoid confrontation – you find that doing what others want seems the best or easiest thing to do.

Sad Okay

But when we let people walk all over us, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths.😖 We’ll end up with anger and resentment. We may wonder why people are so insensitive… why don’t they know what we want?


This is why you should stand up for yourself 💪 and stop 🚫 doing everything for someone else’s benefit. 🙅‍♀️

Ways you can boost your self-confidence - Careerguide

And to really stand up for yourself, you need to have boundaries and, more importantly, know how to set them. 🤗


When we don’t, we become passive – we let life “happen” and often get stepped on along the way.😞

Walk Sad GIF - Walk Sad Depressed -
Stepped On GIFs | Tenor

If you find it challenging to stand up for yourself, you’re probably out of touch with your very own needs and overly attentive to those of others. In that case, you’re setting the stage for being taken advantage of.

People taking advantage of me

Your needs, wants, desires, and goals are just as important as anyone else’s. Maybe they have not have been recognised as such when you were younger, but you have the power 🌟 to make sure they are now.

Be yourself GIF - Find on GIFER
you're worth it

And if you start standing up for yourself and fighting your own corner, you’ll find that things will start shifting in your favour. ❤️

Strong Woman
Self esteem

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