31. Open Your Eyes And See That You’re Enough 🤩

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Episode 31

Feeling like you’re missing something essential? 😰 Are you always left feeling not good enough, accomplished enough, attractive enough, smart enough or whatever you think the lack is related to? 🥺

I'm nothing

Does the search for positive feedback and affirmation in your life feel like a unicorn hunt? 🦄

Im not good enough GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER
im not good enough
legally blonde

You may think you’ll never be good enough for anything or anyone, but the truth is that you are good enough, even if you don’t see it. 💪🥰

You're more than enough!
My Worth

With a few mind shifts and thought discipline, you can learn to embrace and honour your inner worth and dignity. ❤️

I'm good enough
 Body love, Body positivity
Believe In Yourself

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