29. Loving Yourself Through A Breakup ❤️

Episode 29

When you’ve deeply loved someone and that love dissolves or meets a sudden end, it can jolt you out of reality into a cloudy, confused state where you feel low, lost and alone. 😞

I need you to need me back gif

And, if you’ve ever suffered from self-esteem issues before, a breakup can make you particularly vulnerable to feeling unworthy of love from anyone (let alone yourself). 😥

When a relationship dissolves, it can alter the way we view our own identity. It has such a detrimental impact on us that we can even forget that we have a life, a career, and other people who still love us; we just feel worthless. But why does this happen?


So, here’s the thing: when we fall in love, we willingly choose to succumb to vulnerability. We blindly trust a person to the point that we think that they will be with us forever, present for our victories and, most importantly, our failures. Isn’t that so true? We become so attached to them that we share every silly incident, as well as all of our time, insecurities, fears, our saddest and happiest moments, and our new experiences with them. Inevitably, there comes the point that they become a part of our life, even our identity.


When the person who knows your real self, personality, weaknesses, and strengths breaks your heart by one day deciding to dissolve the relationship, then it seems logical to think that you are worthless and unloveable. It can make you believe that, when the person who used to love you the most doesn’t anymore and treats you like a piece of garbage, then they might be right!

But, however tempting it may be to cut yourself off from society or spend your days crying at yourself in the mirror and relentlessly running through everything your ex said to you (in a vain attempt to find a ‘solution’ that you think will make you worthy of love again), that’s not the answer.

Breakup Crying

Feeling worthless after a break-up is not uncommon, but it can be detrimental to your physical and mental health if you don’t start the journey to learn how to live life again. In this podcast, you’ll find some self-love exercises that you can follow to love yourself again and recover from your current melancholic state. ❤️

Self Loving

Before you take your first step towards healing, however, there is a disclaimer: the journey will require both time and effort, but the results are definitely worth it! ❤️

Everyday is a struggle but all you can do is love yourself. - The Bubbly Bibi

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