13. Me-Time – Taking Myself On A Date 😍

Episode 13

Enjoying life and being successful starts with having a good relationship with ourselves and gifting us some well-deserved tender loving care. But don’t worry; solitude isn’t about being lonely, sad, or having antisocial tendencies.

On the contrary, seeking solitude can be pretty healthy. Spending time with yourself, noticing your best parts and weaknesses is actually a chance to see the light within and around as well as move forward to what you really want.

Well, in short, spending some “me-time” offers a whole lot of social, physical, and psychological benefits!

In this podcast, I’ll tell you why you should sometimes forget about others for a while and remember yourself a little more. Because if you don’t make time for yourself and become your number one priority, believe me, honey, no one else will do that for you! ❤️

This podcast is also available in French!

Confused about self-care? - ReachOut Forums - 335012

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